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Top tips when applying for Bangladesh bank jobs

Looking to apply for Bangladesh bank jobs? Then you need to stand out among a crowded field of candidates. Here are some useful tips for landing a job in banking.

Looking to apply for Bangladesh bank jobs? Then you need to stand out among a crowded field of candidates. In this article, the CareerDesh team discusses some useful tips for landing a job in banking.

If you are interested in working within the banking industry, then there are many BD jobs today within the sector. The challenge you face, though, is quite simple: you need to stand out amongst the crowd. Bangladesh banking jobs are increasingly common as the country becomes an economic powerhouse.

The number of jobs, though, does not compare to the number of candidates. So, you need to stand out because banks in Bangladesh are not short on options and alternatives!

How, then, can you make sure that you get noticed? What makes the difference when applying for jobs in Dhaka and across Bangladesh in the banking sector? What gets you consistent interviews?

1. Always ensure you meet the standard

First and foremost, make sure you look very closely at the job posting for any Bangladesh banking jobs. Make sure that you look at the eligibility criteria for things such as work experience, education, and any other requirements laid out by the job posting. Never apply for a role within a bank that you are not qualified for: it will make you look like you are simply applying for any jobs and that you are not reading the request properly.

Attention to detail is a must in banking, so anyone applying for the wrong role makes a pretty negative first impression.

2. Start where you are most suitable

You might believe that you could land a role in one of the more high-up positions within a bank in Bangladesh. However, if you lack experience in a leadership role, you might be better off applying for a more entry-level position that offers career growth opportunities.

Banking is a fast-paced industry to work in, and you can quickly move up the ranks if you work hard. So, you might have to start a level lower than hoped, but with your skillset, you can make progress relatively quickly. It is better to start lower and work your way up quicker than apply for positions you will not get.

3. Look for networking events in banking

Bangladesh banking jobs tend to be easier to find if you go to things like networking events and banking presentations. Even for the lowest level positions, you can find that it is easier to get your foot in the door if you attend these kinds of events. Most of the time, you can meet someone within the industry here.

This gives you someone you can get to know, make a positive impression on, and thus earn a recommendation for upcoming roles within the banking sector.

4. Start at a smaller bank

First, while Bangladesh has many major banks that we are sure you would love to work for, you should start with smaller ambitions. If you do not have a prior history of working in banking, then landing one of the roles in a big bank can be nigh impossible.

Instead, gain work experience through working in smaller bank branches. This is easier to find a position within, and you will find that you can secure the experience and reputation you need to be considered for roles in more high-up banks in Bangladesh.

You might find that you are unable to get a job within banking – and that is not uncommon, sadly. You might need to look at related jobs that could eventually help you get into the banking industry.

For example, you should look at accountancy firms. Many people working in accountancy can move into jobs like equity research and mergers and acquisitions within a bank. This gets you industry-related experience and shows you can handle high-pressure, numbers-oriented jobs.

Keep the above in mind, and it should make it much easier for you to apply for and eventually land Bangladesh bank jobs.

Most of the time, it is a combination of research, education, experience, and luck that will get you into these roles. Take your time, be thorough, and look for related positions that could act as a great starting place. Good luck!

On behalf of CareerDesh, we hope you found this our article about the highest paid BD jobs today useful and we wish you all the best when applying for BD jobs today.

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