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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics for Jobs in Dhaka

Artificial intelligence is no longer a topic for science fiction – it is here to stay. What, though, is this likely to mean in terms of the jobs market in Dhaka?

Artificial intelligence is no longer a topic for science fiction – it is here to stay. What, though, is this likely to mean in terms of the jobs market in Dhaka? Find out by reading this article published by CareerDesh.

As someone looking to find the best jobs in Dhaka, you want to do everything you can to rise above the competition. Until now, this has meant usurping other humans and showing that you can do a better job than they can. In the years to come, though, you should be prepared to compete against people and computers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are filling many BD jobs today. For example, many customer support teams are being reduced as chatbots can provide a similar service. Then, the support queries that need a human hand can be answered by a smaller team of experts. Is this likely to become an issue across the entire work industry in Dhaka? Or is AI likely to find the niches it works in best?

1. AI will cause disruption to both manual labour and professional BD jobs

The primary concern around AI is that it is almost certain to start reducing roles in the IT sector. Many tasks can be carried out by AI, such as the aforementioned customer service role. General tasks that usually require a human hand, too, can be automated. However, even if you work in a more manual field, you might find yourself being ‘replaced’ anytime soon.

Those who work in factories and manufacturing plants have a new competitor for their position: robotics. Robotics are increasingly used in manufacturing and in factory work, as they can produce a highly efficient and consistent finish. They also do not need to be paid, and can work for hours far beyond that of a typical worker.

Manual labour and professional BD jobs  alike, could face the same risk from automation and AI implementation. Especially in a country like Bangladesh, there is an increasing desire for factories and manufacturing firms to use automated labour – just as, in the IT sector, AI is increasingly common.

That being said, more ‘specialist’ roles such as a builder or a trade specialist is not going to find an AI device plastering a wall or painting. AI will impact the IT industry, with many entry-level roles sure to vanish in the years to come as they are replaced by automation, as will many typical manufacturing roles.

2. BD jobs today in communications might be more impacted than you assume

If your role is within the spectrum of report writing, you might find yourself slightly more concerned. Automated report writing is becoming more and more possible, with a human simply needing to look over the content and make some adjustments. Given that many BD jobs today revolve around things like word processing, this is something to concern yourself with.

Generally, you should start looking at ways to expand your skillset. Writing general reports might become an industry that is slowly shut off and replaced with automation. However, writing more specific reports is still likely to be a task requiring humans to be involved.

3. Driving jobs may slowly become a thing of the past

A major employer within Dhaka is those who provide public and private transport. While we are many years away from Bangladesh replacing its massive driving population, driving jobs will slowly but surely be replaced. Self-driving cars are not mainstream yet, but it is not too far around the corner.

Major tech giants like Google and Apple are investing heavily in self-driving vehicles. This would mean that anyone planning a career as a taxi driver or bus driver might have to look at more specialist roles. Not everyone will want to be driven around by a computer, so there will still be a market for this. Generally, though, automation and AI will slowly but surely replace most professional drivers.

4. The more specific the job, the less likely it will be replaced

Generally, though, studies have found a correlation between what you do and how worried you will be about AI. Typically, those in more entry-level positions are more likely to be replaced in the future than those in more executive roles. Therefore, the secret to most Bangladeshi job seekers will be to look at ways that you can become more of a specialist, moving away from replaceable entry roles.

This blog about the impact of AI and robotics for jobs in Dhaka is brought to you by CareerDesh. We hope this blog helps you prepare for BD jobs today with the opportunities (and challenges) artificial intelligence and robotics brings to the Dhaka job market.

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