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Networking tips to help you get your desired jobs in Dhaka

Finding the job that you want in a busy city like Dhaka can be tough. Use these simple but effective networking tips to make finding your desired job easier.

Finding the job that you want in a busy city like Dhaka can be tough. Use these simple but effective networking tips from this CareerDesh article to make finding your desired job easier.

When you live or reside in a city as large as Dhaka, it makes sense that you will find competition on every corner. As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Bangladesh’s capital provides a huge amount of healthy competition and opportunity. Finding the best jobs in Dhaka, though, can be challenging due to the sheer volume of other applicants putting their name forward.

So, networking is essential to help you find the best BD jobs today. How can you ensure that your networking is beneficial? What matters most when creating connections that can get you into the industries you wish to work within?

Networking tips for finding the jobs in Dhaka that you want

1. Ensure your social networking is on-point

The first place almost any potential employer will look is social media. If they wish to learn more about you personally and professionally, they will look to platforms like LinkedIn. As the largest platform in the world for job hunting and networking, having a strong LinkedIn profile is a must!

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized and developed to aim itself at the industry you wish to target. Showcase your skills and your capabilities in that industry, as it makes it easier for recruiters and employers to pick you out from the crowded field.

If you have other social media pages, you should do all you can to privatize them. One single post on social media can make it easy for an employer to look elsewhere.

2. Develop connections via social media

Another important element of social media networking is to connect with people. You can start connecting with people who work within the industry you would like to enter. You can learn more about the people who work there so that you can begin to evaluate how well you would fit in within that corporate culture.

You can also use this to ensure that your profile and your values align with that of the company. This makes it easier for anyone looking at your profile to determine whether you are a good fit for the company.

3. Attend local job fairs

While social media has impacted the face-to-face networking industry, job fairs are still a great way to build connections across Dhaka. Many jobs in Dhaka will be filled simply by attending a jobs fair. Companies gather here so recruiters can help them to liaise with employees who suit their needs.

When you attend job fairs, be sure to ask questions encouraging the recruiter to open up. Avoid asking them queries that end with a yes or a no answer; encourage them to expand. This shows that you know the industry and is more likely to make you stand out from those who ask generic, closed questions.

4. Look for Dhaka networking events

Another useful way to help you find the best jobs in Dhaka is to evaluate networking events which are taking place in the city. These are usually industry-specific and can help you to meet the movers and shakers of that particular industry. You can make friends and contacts who can help you find employment.

These job fairs are great as you can meet employers, recruiters, and those who already work doing the job you wish to be hired for. You can pick up some volunteer work that gets your foot in the door and allows you to show off your skills in a pressurized environment. Either way, networking events are a great way to mingle with others and meet new people who can get you in the door.

Networking properly can make finding the best BD jobs today easier

Networking is one of the most important ways to stand out. Having someone who can recommend your name, or get your foot in the door, can be the difference between success and failure. With so many people applying for roles in Dhaka, your resume alone can only get you so far.

By having a strong network of connections, you can find it easier to get ahead of the queue and to be given a chance. Staying in regular contact with industry connections and following up on networking events, social media connections, and offers for work can all increase your chances of landing the job you desire.

This article is brought to you by CareerDesh. We hope this article helps with your professional networking and getting a step closer to your desired BD jobs today.

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