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HR trends: Applying for BD jobs today

When applying for BD jobs today, one of the first places an applicant will deal with is Human Resources (HR). HR departments play an incredibly important role in selecting candidates, arranging interviews, and making it easier for the company to hire the right person. Understanding how HR works in each industry and each part of the country is important. For example, most jobs in Dhaka will see you dealing with HR directly; other, smaller locations might be less likely to involve HR.

Generally, though, some HR trends show up when applying for Dhaka jobs and jobs across Bangladesh. What, then, should you look out for?

1. Digital training is becoming increasingly important

One of the most significant HR trends is the increase in focus on digitalisation of workplaces. Companies today not only have a strong workplace culture but a strong digital culture.

HR departments will therefore look for applicants who have technical savvy and might even favour/recommend applicants who arrive with experience or a willingness to work remotely.

2. Individual achievements over academic success

Today, it is more likely that an HR department will give you a second glance if you can show a history of individual progress. For example, let us say you were applying for a role within the coding or software development sector.

Someone who has already released an app for mobile devices with positive reviews will be more likely to receive a call than a fresh, out-of-university applicant with no professional history.

3. A commitment to training and self-improvement

Another big HR trend today is to look for those with potential for improvement. Apply BD jobs today often come with some training involved. Companies that provide training do so in the hope they can create long-term employees who stick around.

So, even if you lack the skills today, if you show the foundational personality needed for a role and a commitment to training, you can stand out among applicants.

4. Workplace safety is more important than ever

As Bangladesh goes through a professional workplace revolution, workplace safety has become a more important topic than ever before. This is increasingly felt within the industry, and HR departments will vet applicants for a previous history of workplace safety standards.

Undertaking courses and education on workplace safety might help your cause

5. A focus on previous failings

While it might not be recommended to list too many failures in your CV, HR departments are looking for mentally formidable people. They want to push applicants who have shown that they can handle and overcome setbacks.

Mental health is an increasingly important topic, and HR departments are told to keep an eye out for applicants who have shown a history of being honest about failures and challenges.

HR is a relatively new concept within Bangladesh, which means that HR trends and practices are still being set in stone. This is why it is important to understand what HR departments focus on when they are vetting and addressing applicants for roles within the company.

Keep the above in mind, as these are the thought processes that are driving many HR decisions in companies big and small.

We hope you found this our article applying for BD jobs valuable and on behalf of CareerDesh we wish you all the best for your career endeavours and Apply BD jobs today.

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