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How to recruit the best candidates for jobs in Dhaka

If you want to bring in the best for any Dhaka jobs, you need help with recruitment. Here are some tips to help you locate the right person for each role.

If you want to bring in the best for any Dhaka jobs, you need help with recruitment. Here are some tips brought to you by CareerDesh to help you locate the right person for each role.

Running a business in a massive country like Bangladesh comes with both opportunity and risk. Given the country’s sheer size, you will have many applicants for almost any role you put out there. This can make hiring the right person increasingly challenging. How, then, do you think you could choose the best applicants for BD jobs today?

1. Be very clear in the job description

What is the biggest barrier to having high-quality applicants? A vague, unsuitable job description. Be VERY clear about the kind of person that you are looking for. Avoid using generic terms like ‘hard worker’ and, instead, focus on the skills you need.

For example, what kind of experience level is suitable? What kind of previous roles should they have held? What qualifications are required? Be as clear as possible to avoid unsuitable applicants getting in touch.

2. Ask your other staff for insight

Sometimes, the best person for the role is already known to your staff. Remember that your current employees need to work with this new person. As such, ensure that your other employees are asked for insight and opinions. Do they know someone who would be suitable for the role?

Even if they do not, ask them what kind of colleague they are looking for. Could you find out what skills are lacking in the current team and advertise for someone who can fill the hole(s) your staff suggests?

3. Look to the right career websites

Another tool you can use to your advantage is the use of career platforms. These job websites expand the number of people who will be applying for your role and could be crucial in catching the eye of the right person.

Platforms like CareerDesh can give you all the help you need in finding suitable applicants for every role within your company. This cuts down on wasted time while ensuring the right candidate does not slip the net.

4. Ask the candidate tough questions

Sure, when interviewing for any jobs in Dhaka or elsewhere, you might ask the usual questions. Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your primary strengths and weaknesses? Well, change it up!

Ask them more demanding and probing questions. Ensure they know this is not just a generic, bog-standard interview. Ask them questions that help them elaborate on the skills on their resume. Look for examples and help them show they are the person their CV suggests.

5. See how they act on a tour

If the interview progresses well enough that they might be suitable, take them on a tour of the office/premises. Walk around with them, and see what questions they ask. Are they keen to know what each person/department does? Do they seem to be curious? Do they have any knowledge about what is going on as it is? Do they interact with the people who are already present?

These little tells can go a long way to giving you an idea of how interested and committed they are to the role. On top of that, you get to see more of their natural personality unfold as you are outside of an interview setting. This can be very revealing!

Keep this in mind when you are recruiting in Dhaka or across Bangladesh. These simple tips help you to weed out the unsuitable hires and make it more likely that those who do get interviewed are a suitable addition to your business.

On behalf of CareerDesh, we hope you found this our article about recruiting the best candidates for jobs in Dhaka and we wish you the very best with your recruitment efforts and advertising for BD jobs today.

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