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Highest Paid BD Jobs Today

When looking at the available Bangladesh jobs, you have a great many options for a career. What, though, are the highest paying BD jobs today? Find out here.

When looking at the available Bangladesh jobs, you have a great many options for a career. What, though, are the highest paying BD jobs today? Find out by reading this article by CareerDesh.

When we head out to work every day, we naturally want to feel like we are being properly respected. We want to feel like the jobs we take on are well-paying and give us a reasonable level of compensation for our hard work. With so many BD jobs today offering great salaries, though, what are the most high-paying jobs in the country?

From the highest-paying jobs in Dhaka to jobs across the country, which industries offer the best remuneration?

Medical jobs in Bangladesh

Naturally, one of the highest-paying Dhaka jobs will be in the medical field. Surgeons and doctors are an essential part of Bangladeshi culture and a required field. Given the critical nature of medical expertise, you can earn anything from 44,500 BDT and above per month.

Most of the time, you can expect to earn more than this sum. Medical fields, then, offer some of the most payment options available to you.

1. Legal jobs in Bangladesh

Lawyers and attorneys are among the most highly paid professions in Bangladesh, too. Your ability to understand national law ensures that you can help people to either prove their innocence or prove another’s guilt. Legal experts in Bangladesh can expect salaries to start at around 30,300 BDT per month and can raise well north of five figures in the highest professions.

Naturally, your skill level and your experience – as well as the sensitivity of your legal expertise – will determine how much you earn.

2. Bangladesh bank jobs

Another high-paying role within Bangladesh is the banking sector. Bangladesh bank jobs range from entry-level roles as a clerk in a smaller local bank to key roles within the biggest banks in the country. Given how detail-oriented banking is, you should expect a monthly salary starting at around 30,000 BDT and above.

The most successful bankers can expect salaries north of 100,000 BDT per month. The level of risk and challenge within banking comes with a high-risk, high-reward salary.

3. Accounting jobs in Bangladesh

A similar role to the above, accountants in Bangladesh are a well-paid role. You can expect a monthly salary that starts at around 50,000 BDT and can rise well north of 100,000 BDT in the right circumstances. This is a highly detail-oriented profession, as one mistake can be the difference between success and failure for a client.

With that in mind, people who work within this highly demanding industry are well-paid for their efforts. The more senior you are in an accountancy partnership, the higher you can expect your salary to be.

4. IT jobs in Bangladesh

Another high-paying role within Bangladesh is within the software development sector. You can expect to earn anything above 90,000 BDT per month. The salaries in this field are among the highest in the country because the entry level is so high. The skillsets required, and the experience needed means that only the best land jobs in the software development industry in the country.

This, though, is among one of the most in-demand roles in the world and could be a long-term career choice for those with the right skills.

One last important suggestion from the CareerDesh team for candidates looking for high paid jobs in Bangladesh, is not to only at the pay but also focus on what type of work you enjoy doing, if your strengths match the type of job you do, work life balance and fulfilment. At the end of the day, if you really enjoy the type of work you do and are very good at your job, your remuneration will be favourable for you.  

On behalf of CareerDesh, we hope you found this our article about the highest paid BD jobs today useful and we wish you all the best when applying for BD jobs today. (H3)

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